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As owner of Parks Consulting Services (PCS), Ivy has had a vital role in the growth of the business since its inception in 2012.  In addition to being an integral part of the firm’s business development efforts, Ivy oversees all administrative functions including finances, insurance, human resources, and licensing/certifications. Ivy earned her MBA from the University of Central Florida and is a current board member of Lake Sumter State College.  Under her leadership and vision, PCS is positioned for growth as a woman-owned-business in the state of Florida. 


CEO, Senior Scientist and Planner

Sean is the CEO of Parks Consulting Services as well as a Lake County Commissioner (re-elected to a fourth term in 2022).  He is the firm’s principal scientist, since 2012, and has over 26 years of environmental planning experience.  Sean is a municipal planning consultant focusing in the areas of development review, grants, long range planning, and economic development.  He also serves on the board for the Central Florida Expressway Authority as well as others.  Sean’s diligent work has built PCS into a business that thrives on innovation, personal commitment, shared vision and principles.


Project Manager & Graphic Artist

A member of the PCS team since 2017, Lisa works on a variety of projects including municipal development review, long range planning, graphic design, grant writing and administration. She participates in bi-monthly municipal planning meetings and prepares for and attends monthly council and planning & zoning hearings.  Additionally, Lisa assists the team in producing environmental planning reports. With a background in events and marketing, she helps to coordinate the CEO’s campaign events as well as assists with the firm’s business development needs.


GIS & Mapping Specialist, Junior Scientist

Eric has worked with PCS since 2021.  His areas of expertise include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Ecological Assessments, and wetland delineations. Eric also assists with municipal planning and zoning review, GIS updates, entitlements research, historical and regulatory research, and DEO coordination.  He is completing his BA degree in Political Science at UCF, with a Minor in Urban and Regional Planning, as well as becoming GIS certified.  His work in a wide variety of subject areas allows him to be adaptable and open to new workflows.


GIS & Mapping Specialist, Junior Scientist

Lauren joined PCS in 2022 as a GIS Specialist. She has worked on a variety of municipal projects including creating a GIS resource map, documenting entitlements, septic to sewer GIS mapping, as well as planning and zoning review. Lauren performs field visits for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Ecological Assessments, delineates wetlands, creates associated maps, and analyzes the spatial data using GIS technology.  She earned her BS in Environmental Science and GIS Certificate from UCF.


GIS & Mapping Specialist

Alexa is GIS certified and currently working on her BS degree in Environmental Studies in the Communications and Planning track at the University of Central Florida.  As PCS’ newest team member, Alexa is focused on assisting with GIS projects, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Ecological Assessments, as well as municipal planning and zoning review. She recently gained valuable environmental science experience while working at Oakland Preserve and Lake Louisa State Park.


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